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As meetings, I don't find STOC/FOCS to be very satisfying - I prefer SODA both socially and intellectually. To answer the question "What's the big deal?" it is clear that a paper in STOC/FOCS is like a $100 bill - each individual values it because other people value it also. I would like STOC/FOCS to change - not only are they not very good as meetings, but they also damage various other conferences by creaming off all the best material. I'm not sure how change can be effected, however.

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Off Topic – Hallo,Ich habe mir mal erlaubt, Ihr Weblog in die rechte Spalte meines Weblogs aufzunehmen. Es wird nach der gegenwärtigen Einstellung der jeweils aktuellste Titel eingeblendet. Ich hoffe, Sie sind damit einverstanden.In meinem Weblog zum modernen Feudalismus geht es um den Reichtum. Denn der extreme Reichtum ist die Ursache für Armut.Grüße

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I've been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

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Nossa, muuuito bom seu texto, Victor! É a pura verdade, pena que vivemos em um país onde o governo não dá o peixe e nem ensina a pescar… Agora, você não sabe se de repente aquele taxista não era justamente formado em arquitetura!! KKKKKKKKK

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Too cute!! I can see this for any occasion or holiday!! This project gives me something a little different to give then just a plain old card! Thanks Sandi!

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Dani-chan disse:Arigato, Shini-san!!! Vou colocar um deles futuramente no meu avatar… XDUm é a cruz com a cobra… O outro é a marca dos homuncúlos!Amo os símbolos da Clamp! Principalmente as “asinhas de anjinho” LOL…

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Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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the beginning of your music is called the time signature.  You can always find it right after the clef sign.  There are several different time signatures in music that mean different

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“incredibly challenging and very rewarding.” Yes, indeed. And yet, there are many days when I wonder if it wouldn’t be better than dealing with 100+ high school freshmen And for my WIP, I have no idea if my ideas are feasible either, but I’m gonna throw them out there anyway. And hope that I can dazzle with enough math to at least slightly lessen the difficulty of suspending that disbelief.Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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Debido a un corte en el suministro eléctrico del centro de cómputos del CDV, se encuentran demorados los resultados del Prode de París, ni bien llegue el grupo electrógeno (si, es el mismo del partido entre Argentina y Brasil) se darán a conocer los guarismos

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8 juillet 2011Bref, les haters, j’espère que vous vous reconnaitrez dans cet article et j’espère que vous êtes bien dans votre médiocrité intellectuelle; médiocrité dont vous n’essayerez pas de sortir vu que vous êtes devant votre écran à regarder cette bouffonnerie sans nom.

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wonder, ti prego dimmi che 'sto david gandy è gayssimo??? perchè è troppo bello per essere verooo!!! amusedcmq foto bellissime!!! il tramonto romanesco mi manca tantissimo!!! (non che quello di sabaudia sul mare sia brutto...però...) tu stavi benissimooo!!! anche se, con un fisico come il tuo, te stà bene pure lo straccio per lo spolvero!!! amused (mamma docet)bacy :-*sabilar + perlina

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Jeg tænkte at den måske ville blive en smule mere dej-agtig. Det smagte ihvertfald godt, nu har jeg så heller ikke prøvet den uden mandler wink Tusind tak for inspirationen

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You could do a generation for each of the four seasons. Like, the icons for the Winter generation could be things that children have/use/do during winter, like Mittens, Snowman, Hot Cocoa (oops, probably don’t want to overlap with WB!), or Ice Skate.

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, this excellent list serves as an excellent review of the excellence of the year past. Upon review of one’s own listening history, one finds a few more artists with recent activity worth mentioning: Author & Punisher, Gods of Eden, Haemic, Melvins, Meshuggah, Sigur Rós, Skyharbor, Soen, The Omega Experiment and Ulver.

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ci oggi a parlare di due device molto interessanti, entrambi marchiati Sony, ovvero l’Xperia U e l’Xperia Sole, anche se il primo è fra i più gettonati, grazie al suo rapporto prezzo

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Hi Nick,Thanks for your reply. I mistakenly put Red Alert – my seedlings are actually Sungold! Not sure why I put the wrong name… Does the advice still stand for Sungold?Best wishes,Erica

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If you dont mind, where do you host your webpage? I am looking for a good web host and your blog seams to be fast and up most the time

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Oh thanks.well,if they share equal time and the rating low.doesnt means they need 3 its always,when teukso got more airtime they bring suju.and the rating boost tricky.ppl wouldnt think that far and just assume woojung so fail.its nearly the would be so sad if they got such rating issue

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Could his claim/demand that tax revenues must be collected to keep the place goingreally be because he wants to keep taxation OFF of the things he acquires most of his wealth from?Unearned incomes from Rental Streams of land assetsThat he can avoid the 'earned income' taxes too is a smaller added bonus for him. Taxes on earned incomes are in the end Protectionism for unearned incomes

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